Peksi Merak White (S)

  • Bengawan Solo 18 Not
  • Small : 164 x 164 x 69 mm
  • MDF, Brass

Music Box is using decorative 'Peksi Peacock' typical solo, consisting of a flower-shaped ornament and peacocks that represent the beauty of appearance and gives the impression of luxury and elegance.

The song 'BengawanSolo' which featured in this music box is the creation of Gesang a "Maestro Keroncong Indonesia," which is very popular in Asia, especially in Indonesia and Japan. Through music box from collaboration between Kriya Nusantara and Nidec Sankyo Japanese, the song 'Bengawan Solo' created by Gesang appear more attractive in its creative work and innovative design.

Price : IDR. 1.200.000