How to Buy

How to Purchase Products in

  1. Please make the registration, as the main requirement to purchase products in
  2. Select the product to be purchased, based on existing product categories via the "product"
  3. Enter the number of items to be purchased, in the form of numbers, then click the Buy button
  4. If you still want to buy other products, please click the "Continue Shopping" and choose the goods you want to buy
  5. If it is OK, and you ready to order for the selected item, please click "Checkout" (finished shopping).
  6. Next you will go to the "expenditures" for recheck the data items you purchase.
  7. If it is OK, please EDIT shipping destination column
  8. Select Delivery Areas (city), and then select the service you want to select the expedition along with the type of service.
  9. Furthermore, please fill in the column address, zip code, phone and Notes. If you've finished, Click "Update"
  10. If everything was filled in and has been adjusted, the last click "Finish"
  11. After the purchase process has been completed, and you will receive a confirmation email along with the purchase invoice bills.
  12. If you have received an invoice, please make payment and select the payment method that has been provided.
  13. If you have made the payment, the next step confirming the payment.